'The newspaper that talks about me'

What if you were the editor and publisher of the newspaper? Of your newspaper? Of the newspaper that talks about you? It’s possible! And it is a wonderful journey to ‘read’ our lives, to observe, express and communicate – especially to ourselves! – what is happening inside us these days.

“The newspaper that talks about me” is the proposal of a three-month journey in the chronicle of what happens inside you!

The editorial team meets once a week on Zoom (1h 30 ‘), to share and plan the work that each of us will carry out at home in the following days, to write and structure their own weekly newspaper. At home, then, everyone dedicates themselves to preparing their own personal newspaper issue, with pleasure and without stress: the articles must not be works of art! Nor you have to be a computer expert. The newspaper is an ‘excuse’ – funny, captivating! – to put our nose in our life!

Letting our inner news flow, allows us to ‘read’ what is happening inside with a slightly different ‘cut’ … Do you want to be part of our editorial team?!?

The NewspaperAboutMe @The NewspaperAboutMe