Existential-spiritual support

I found myself working as a therapist and integrated medicine professional thanks to the usual ‘accident’ that does not exist. At close range with Death, which is a passage, like Birth. And a teacher, like Life. I feel a lot of gratitude when I take care of wonderful human beings very close to their passage and I have also been able to accompany others in the pain of separation. In my personal journey, a precious step to feel more intimate with the gift of Life.

To my first and prince accompanying tool, the Therapy of Dignity / Life Footprints (link), several have been added: some more structured, others more intangible, unpredictable, unrepeatable, personal, unknown, sometimes even to me … They appear, we create them together, or rather we discover them together… Giving space to gratitude and forgiveness, to words and to silence-medicine, to ‘psycho-magical’ inspirations and to master elements.

For me, Nature is the first food. Non-human animals are an inexhaustible source of joy and their footsteps can mark a path; and then there are the trees, the flowers, the magical mushrooms, the Vegetable and Mineral Kingdoms and many others that escape our biological classification. And the Stars, of course….

I propose face-to-face and online meetings. Sometimes they are open sessions; sometimes we focus on a specific subject and / or an instrument, anyway learning more about our essence and the sacred of life. And if you or somebody you love (human or animal) are close to the passage called death, I can be with you, in the presence of the heart.

The Amazonian Flower Therapy is a flower therapy system – based on Bach’s principles – consisting of 70 plants and fungi. During my trip to the Amazon, I met the Florais da Amazônia and with the guidance of the Forest and one of the two women who developed this system, I learned to appreciate the power of subtle healing and the profound messages conveyed by those flowers. I offer online or face-to-face meeting to prepare personalized formulas of floral wisdom. I also prepare ready-made formulas, such as the ‘Protection’; ‘Meditation’; ‘Forgiveness’; ‘Emotional balance’ and ‘Mediumistic balance’.

The Mirror of Forgiveness is an individual meeting (online or in person) in which I facilitate the opening through which forgiveness passes. Forgiveness, together with gratitude, is the basic ingredient for Being happy and in fullness. Forgiveness is a gift. But how can I begin to forgive a person I cannot forgive? How can I forgive myself for something I can’t forgive myself for? Using a mirror …