Cooking with love

“Food is our first medicine” said Hippocrates, considered the founding father of Western medicine, to which our doctors still swear an oath. I cook, and not just words. On a sailing boat rather than in a spiritual retreat, every now and then I board a pan, light the fire and even work a bit like a little Chef!
I am passionate about food and cooking due to a succulent family and ancestral heritage; I am careful and accurate in the choice of my ingredients since I was a minor; creative in the recipes for fancy and whim. My preparations include respect, love and gratitude for Gaia, for the creature who is the fish that I bake with potatoes but also the lettuce that I coat with golden oil, for all the human beings who have worked to bring this food on my plate and for the Divine Force in all.

My cuisine is mainly Mediterranean, vegetarian and colorful. But I’m also versatile in this and I love to eat and experiment! Vitality docet. 

Amaranth, the Comeback of an Aztec Food