Towards Hunger

Every 10 seconds, a child in our world dies of hunger, dies only because no one around him or her had enough food to give him/her so that s/he could go on living. That boy or girl is breathing for the last time while you are reading: s/he’s NOW dead – since you started this text, it took about 10 seconds to get to the word “now”.
Almost 100,000 people die every day because of hunger and diseases caused by micronutrient deficiencies. Numerically, it is as if the entire city of Waterloo, Ontario or San Angelo, Texas or Worchester, UK disappeared every single day because all its inhabitants died of hunger. A quarter of them die of hunger in the strict sense; a third of them are children. World hunger is on the rise: more than one in 10 people suffer from hunger on Earth. The current world situation has further exacerbated the conditions of those already suffering from hunger.
I choose to be an inhabitant of a planet where no one dies of hunger. Our Gaia is incredibly abundant and tirelessly generous. There is space and food for everyone. I choose to free myself from feelings of guilt for what it is; I am grateful for what it is and what I have. I choose a world where no one suffers and dies from food shortages. I choose to go and meet Hunger.
A healing journey in which we can all participate, as human beings, as citizens of this planet, as consumers of this market, as chefs of these foods. It is no longer time to be “against”, it is rather time to know that we are the creators of our world.
I need allies for the grand ‘Towards Hunger’ project. ‘Grandi’ because, with love, humility, union and sacred trust, we can transform the Universe. ’10 thousand children, every second, laugh with their mouths full of food’: these are the planetary data that we want to rattle off.
Contact me, please. Let’s put together our intentions, money, talents, resources, time, energy, gifts and go hand in hand Towards Hunger.