Journalist and author

“But how can I talk to my own words?” I was writing around eight years ago, perched on the stool of my Bar a Due Passi dal Mare, while I was about to begin my first unfinished literary work. I love them, I flee them, I abuse them, I honor them, I ignore them, I welcome them, I offer them, I bless them. I have been a professional journalist for several decades and I have traveled a lot with words. They fed me, they got me in trouble, they made me win a Nobel Prize! We simply chose one another in order to communicate. Always trying to do it a little better, with myself and with all beings I meet on my path. Now I know that I can also do without them in order to communicate. Now I also know that I can talk to my words.
I work as a journalist and author; I write for media and individuals. In addition to newspapers and magazines, I am a TV and progress advertising author and a creative copy for websites and presentation and promotion materials for organizations and individuals.